Brescia Spadona and sheaths

A 3 lb interpretation of Albion’s fine replica of the Brescia spadona, with a custom sheath by Kel (as well as a standard long sword & sheath).

Brescia Spadona



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  1. Josh - December 18, 2009


    The swords arrived yesterday just in time for my Wednesday evening training session at MASHS (

    The Spadona is fantastic! When I have a chance I’ll send you a picture of your work next to my original sharp steel next to each other for comparison.

    Its incredible how close you got it not only in terms of dimensions but also the “effortless”-ness in handling. Everyone seeing it (including myself) also cannot help but comment about the exquisite work done on the pommel.

    As the adage goes “you will fight the way you train, so you must train the way you want to fight. And the best way to fight well is with functional, conditioned reflexes.”

    I feel confident that the skill I gain training and bouting regularly with your aluminum Spadona will carry over very well when I am using my sharp steel with test cut drills on pells and tatami mats.

    Thank you again for all your work making this invaluable training tool for me!


    Josef L. Yeager (Josh)

  2. charles - January 29, 2010

    Hi Mark,

    You’ll find the sword specs in the PDF on the main page. The Lengths are variable, and custom lengths aren’t a problem. The blades are aircraft aluminium and the cost varies dependent upon basic sword style and your choice of fittings and finish.



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